Welcome to Tropical Home Solutions!!

 Real Estate Investors for the modern day home owners and home buyers

Welcome to Tropical Home Solutions

 We are Real Estate Investors for the modern day home owners and home buyers. We specialize in real estate buying using non traditional banking methods. We have property for sale and we are looking for buyers, sellers, and investors. We can work with your realtor, or you can use our network of realtors, bankers, and mortgage brokers. We are here to make the process and quick and painless as possible. 


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About Our Company

Tropical Home Solutions is an active opportunistic and value-added real estate investment firm as an investor, of single family investment properties, rental properties, mortgage assumption, and trusts.

Tropical Home Solutions provides win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations… like Foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, or anything else. 

Tropical Home Solutions is a real estate solutions company based out of Apollo Beach FL.  We’re a family owned business and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or just need to sell their house for all kinds of reasons. 

People use Tropical Home Solutions for any number of reasons including:

· Structural issues 

· Facing foreclosure 

· Relocation or job transfer 

· Undesirable neighborhoods 

· Divorce 

· Need for cosmetic fix up 

· Retirement or downsizing 

· Death of a loved one 

· Liquidating assets to pay bills 

· Inheriting a property you can’t keep · Tired of living in an ugly house 

· Troublesome mortgage terms 

· Job loss 

· And more   

Tropical Home Solutions investment philosophy is to identify and capitalize on emerging real estate trends in growing markets before they become noticed by the broader investment market. 

Tropical Home Solutions uses a niche acquisition strategy that capitalizes on targeting a specific group of growing and underserved rental housing consumers and applies its lifestyle community approach to the investments. 

As a result of the uniqueness of the niche acquisition strategy and lifestyle community approach, it is essential that Tropical Home Solutions provides hands-on oversight on all phases of the acquisition, management and construction process to insure the business plan is successfully executed. 

Tropical Home Solutions team members play critical roles in each phase of the development process. 

Tropical Home Solutions take a triple bottom line approach by focusing not only on the financial return on investment, but also by taking great pride in contributing positively to the communities in which we work and by protecting the environment through sensible development. 

Tropical Home Solutions believes that making economically, socially and environmentally responsible decisions are vital to the assets in which we invest, the communities where we invest and ultimately, to our success as a company. 

Tropical Home Solutions provide our investment partners with a strong, risk-assessed return through well-researched acquisitions, disciplined management and prudent risk taking. 

Value Investing 

We stay narrowly focused on the niche of value investing to reduce risk and increase profits.   

Ethical Conduct 

We are honest in our actions and follow through on our commitments. We make good decisions based on long-term goals rather than short-term gains. We have adopted policies and procedures designed to provide high levels of transparency to all of our stakeholders   

Ability to adapt 

Investment strategy to changing real estate cycle.    


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About Us

Our history

Our first taste of why we do this business to help others is when we were upside down on our mortgage during the crash of 2008. Not only were we upside down, but we lost almost $2000.00/ month of income. We had 3 options.

1. sell our home at a loss. if that would have even been an option.

2. File bankruptcy.

3. Give it back to the bank.

What we didn't know is that there were other options. We now know what those options are and want to use those options to help others feeling the same hopeless feelings that we had felt.

Our mission

Here at Tropical Home Solutions we strive to help home buyers and sellers using a variety of different disciplines of investing. Everyone has their own unique situation and needs for their family. Sometimes those needs feel pretty unattainable. So we have put together a team of professionals to help us create a unique solution to your situation by putting buyers and sellers together in order to be mutually beneficial to each other.


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About Our Team



  Heath has been in the Law Enforcement field for over 15 years. Currently, Heath holds the rank of Sergeant and is assigned to Investigations for the Ludlow Police Department and oversees or has overseen the Firearms Training Unit for the Ludlow Police Dept., Atwood Police Dept. and Fisher Police Departments. As well, Heath also Managed and Operated the Champaign Division of Illinois Security Services Inc. which is an Armed Security Company that operates in high risk housing complexes and other high risk areas. Heath owns and operates a training school for the Training required to License and maintain Licensing for Armed Security Officers all over the state. Heath is Currently the National Sales Manager and Training Team Leader for Fleener Training and Consulting.  

 Heath is currently the Investigator, Field Training Officer, and Sergeant for the Ludlow Police Dept. where he has investigated and solved several drug cases, criminal sexual assault cases, numerous burglaries, and several high priority cases. His duties also include training all of the Officers on the Dept. as well as other training for other agencies.

 During his career in law enforcement, Heath has held various positions and assignments including patrol officer, Motor Officer, Bike Patrol, Firearms Training, Field Training Officer, and Investigator with the North End Specialized Enforcement Team N.E.S.E.T.; a multi-jurisdictional Investigative/ enforcement task force.

 Heath has also served as a soldier in the Unites States Army specializing as a weapons expert, Firearms and Weapons Instructor, and the team leader of a Rapid Advance Security Team   After separating from the US Army, Heath worked in High Risk Warrants as the Team Leader of a team for several years. This team primarily executed high risk warrants on dangerous Gangs and Bikers in the Tacoma, WA. area, as well as throughout the state of Washington.

 During Heath’s many years in the Law Enforcement Field and Military Career, he has attended numerous training curriculums related to Small Unit Tactics, Active Shooter Response, Interrogation Techniques, Control Tactics, Investigation Techniques, Human Nature Studies, and Firearms Student and Instructor classes that are too numerous to list.

 Heath has spent countless hours studying different types of Women’s Self Defense Tactics, and started working on a curriculum several years ago. Heath started teaching Women’s Self Defense Tactics to the wives and girlfriends of his Unit members. From there, Heath was asked to start teaching the wives and girlfriends how to shoot and become proficient with firearms for home and self defense. Over the last several years, Heath has taught hundreds of female students a variation of tactics ranging from home defense preparation up to advanced handgun and shotgun techniques.   

  Instructor Certifications 

· State of Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Firearms Instructor · State of Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Instructor · Patrol Rifle Instructor · NRA Firearms Instructor · Illinois Department of Professional Regulation Firearms Instructor · Illinois Department of Professional Regulation Security Instructor · Light Tactics Instructor · A.L.S. Technologies Less Lethal Instructor (Chemical, Irritant and Impact) · A.L.S. Technologies Distraction Device Instructor · Women’s Non-Lethal Self Defense Instructor · Women’s Shooting Skills Instructor · Stag Arms Master Armorer Instructor · Airsoft Weapons Instructor · Concealed Carry Instructor · Guardian Protective Devices Pepper Spray Instructor · Glock Armorer   

Professional Associations

 · Midwest Tactical Officers Association (MTOA) · Illinois Drug Enforcement Officers Association · Michigan Tactical Officers Association · National Narcotics Officers Association · International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association (ILEETA) · United States Bail Enforcement Association (USBEA) · National Rifle Association (NRA) · Ludlow Police Dept. · Fisher Police Dept. · Atwood Police Dept. · Atwood Fire and EMS Association · Atwood Chamber of Commerce · National Shooting Sports Foundation · American Legion · Disabled American Veterans DAV · Success Path Real Estate Investor Training · National Sales Director- Smart Targets · National Training Director- Select Fire Tactical · National Sales/ Training Director- Atwood Guns · Training Director Fleener Training and Consulting · Sales and Training for Numerous Companies

Professional Achievements 

· Army Commendation Medal (3) · Army Achievement Medal · National Defense Service Medal · Good Conduct Medal · Letters of Commendation · Illinois Police Officer Certification · Motor Officer Pin · Promotion to Investigator Ludlow Police Dept. · Promotion to Sergeant Ludlow Police Dept. · Interrogation/Interview certifications · Firearms Certifications · Several Tactical and Tactics certifications · EMT-B Certification/ License · EMT-I Certification/ License · Fire Fighting Certifications      


The Rest of The Team

The rest of the team consists of industry professionals such as:

  • Investors
  • Realtors
  • Appraisers
  • Legal Counsel
  • Cpa's
  • Titile Companies
  • Bankers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Contractors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Mentors
  • and many more


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Contact Us

Contact our staff online anytime below to buy or sell your home

Tropical Home Solutions


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Monday: 11am - 5pm

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